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If you want to record sound from a video file, this is not easy with a general software program. However, there is special software available to control the sound from a video file and to convert in a MP3 format. For example, you can easily get your favorite concert DVD on your MP3 player.

Video to MP3 converter is a freeware program that you can download for free. It is a user friendly utility that quickly and easily MP3 files from video files and save it.

You can choose the quality setting that allows the video to audio converting. You can choose to have a video file from DVD or hard drive to convert to MP3 but it is also possible to have an address of for example a video from Youtube to introduce and this to convert to MP3 format.

This software not only in English but also in Dutch to install.

Video to MP3 Converter allows the following file formats to convert to MP3:

  • .avi
  • .ivf
  • .div
  • .divx
  • .mpg
  • .mpeg
  • .mpe
  • .mp4
  • .m4v
  • .webm
  • .wmv
  • .asf
  • .mov
  • .qt
  • .mts
  • .m2t
  • .m2ts
  • .mod
  • .tod
  • .vro
  • .that
  • .3gp2
  • .3gpp
  • .3gp
  • .3g2
  • .dvr-ms
  • .flv
  • .f4v
  • .amv
  • .rm
  • .rmm
  • .rv
  • .rmvb
  • .ogv
  • .mkv
  • .ts

Video to MP3 converter screenshots

screenshot-Video to MP3 converter-1
screenshot-Video to MP3 converter-2

You can free download Video to MP3 converter and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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