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After you install Windows months or even years used, then the system is often slow and unstable. This is because there are often remnants of software installed it is left without this sense. So there remain references in the Windows registry that no more function.

With special software such as Wise Care 365, you can your operating system clean this residue completely removed.

Wise Care 365 is a free program to the registry and the drive of a Windows computer clean up. The package includes, among other Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner , which you also as separate downloads for you to install. When you use Wise Care 365 in your own language, want to use, then you can have a free Dutch language pack.

With this program, you can select your operating system, maintaining clean and as a result Windows can be quickly and remain stable operation. The developers claim that Wise Care 365 more hidden problems detects CCleaner.

In addition to a free version, there is also a paid version available with name Wise Care 365 PRO. This version has additional layouts and avatars that you can choose. In addition, you receive this automatic updates in the background of the system and can you free 24-hour technical support. Lastly, the paid version has more features with which you can protect your privacy.

Wise Care 365 has the following features:

Wise Care 365 screenshots

screenshot-Wise Care 365-1
screenshot-Wise Care 365-2

You can free download Wise Care 365 and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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