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With a media center you can play all your media files (music, photos, movies, etc.) on the PC to organise and play, watch and listen. XBMC is one of the free media center programs.

UPDATE: In August 2014 it was announced that XBMC its name will change to Kodi. The original name covers the load anymore, because this is for Xbox MediaCentre. Because the software in the past years, has grown further than that like the creators of this link not more.

XBMC is open source media center software. XBMC supports viewing and playing of audio-, video -, and image files. You can have all your media files easily organize and playback.

Originally, this software has been developed for the first Xbox console. There is also the first letter of the name came from. Now it is also offered for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. There is also a version for iOS, but to install you will first need to your iPad or iPhone jailbreaking.

A media center program like this is especially used for computers to install that on a tv connected to it. So it comes in handy that this program also with a remote control to operate. You can use an old Windows Media Center remote control, but you can also get free apps for iPhone or Android install which lets you use your smartphone can turn it into a remote control.

The XBMC application supports streaming audio and video over a local network or over the internet. So you can be the TV programs of online services, such as Missed the Broadcast with a look back.

CD's and DVD's you can directly from the disc or from an image file playback. It is even possible to use compressed files such as ZIP and RAR to play without this first extract. After installation of XBMC turns your computer into a complete multimedia jukebox. Another free media center called Boxee is also based on the open source project XBMC.

XBMC in 2008, a SourceForge award, in the category "Best Project for Gamers". The program is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Apple TV and as a Live application that you directly from a DVD or USB stick can boot.

XBMC has the following options:

  • free media center software,
  • open source license,
  • organize and view photos and other images,
  • organize and play video and music files,
  • support for the Raspberry PI,
  • Airplay support for all platforms,
  • HD-audio playback, including DTS-MA and DolbyTrue-HD,
  • library with share media files between devices via UPnP.

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