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By your internet traffic is encrypted along a network of servers to let it go, it is possible to make a website into thinking you are from another country on the internet and your privacy will be better protected. The browser plugin ZenMate does this all for free.

ZenMate is a browser plugin for the browsers Chrome and Opera. It encrypts and protects the data when browsing over the internet is transferred. This is beautiful on a home network, and even more relevant if you are using a public Wi-fi network.

The tool is hidden, your location and activities so that websites and services that are not available in your country can be. This may, for example, online video services, that due to copyright rules are not available such as Netflix, Pandora and Hulu. But also to social media by governments of some countries are blocked such as Twitter and Facebook.

Because the plugin all the data traffic through a network of servers, allows can lead your own IP address, not by the visited site can be found. This number is replaced by a generic IP address ZenMate.

Because the location of your computer on the basis of an IP address ZenMate from another country is determined, you can preview content that is otherwise only available in the United States, Germany, England, Switzerland or Hong Kong. The special thing about this service is that it is possible to choose from any of these country you have a proxy server to use. That is when almost all the other programs are only possible against payment. Another advantage is that with one click directly on or switch off unlike a lot of desktop software that must first shut down or start up.

The video site Hulu is an example of a service that is only accessible for visitors from the United States and the paid streaming service Netflix offers for its U.s. users, other films and series than for users in Europe. With the ZenMate browser plugin so you have access to more and newer videos. In the case of Netflix you need a Us subscription. When you are looking for a free and very simple VPN solution to protect your data or sites to visit in the Netherlands, Belgium or any other country where you are not available then ZenMate is a good choice. The plugin can be installed inside Google Chrome and Opera browser. The service is suitable for any operating system that these browsers can run, including Mac, Linux and Windows.

ZenMate has the following characteristics:

  • encrypted browsing through proxy,
  • free browser plugin,
  • suitable for Opera and Google Chrome,
  • visit websites that are not available in your country,
  • is itself one of the five select countries from which you want to surf the internet,
  • data and IP address is protected,
  • plugin with a click on the button on or off,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS are in development,
  • select the country from which you are using a proxy want to use.

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You can free download ZenMate and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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