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Suppose, you want to add a computer to your network, or connect the printer to your switch. It is important that you know how the IP addresses are divided. What is an IP address? That is the unique address of your computer on the network. If this is not (well) is set up, your computer can not share information with other computers and so on the internet.

Angry IP Scanner provides you the opportunity to be on a quick method to figure out which IP addresses are in use on your network. So, you can quickly determine whether there is still free addresses, or anything else must try to come online. You may have to subnets, go to work or maybe a super net set. But this is only for the real network administrators.

In your research with Angry IP Scanner you also get immediately the information about the connected machines: You can see their IP address, the ports used, their hostname and MAC address, but also the user, that the Windows session has started.

Why? Many download programs use their own port, so you can quickly find out who is likely to use this type of application, and the network is so undesirable burden with private business.

Angry IP Scanner screenshots

screenshot-Angry IP Scanner-1
screenshot-Angry IP Scanner-2

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