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The German anti-virusbedrijf Avira works for a while, hard to your privacy and security. The company has different services, and Avira SafeSearch Plus there is one of them. Avira SafeSearch Plus is a safe way to use things on the internet to search, in the form of a private search engine of Avira. This is completely on your region or language, to adapt and to set and displays the search results in a safe way and warns you if you have unsafe web sites.

Avira SafeSearch Plus is completely free to use and as a plugin to add it to your browser.

You adds Avira SafeSearch Plus from the website of Avira as a plugin to your browser. You do not need to log or yourself to register anywhere. Once you've added your default search engine, like Google, will automatically be replaced by Avira SafeSearch Plus. The search engine basically the same as all the other search engines, and it must be said that Avira SafeSearch Plus fast works.

Of course it's going more to the technology that's behind it and the technology behind Avira SafeSearch Plus is pretty smart, and advanced. Avira makes use of a so-called cloud technology, which websites to be constantly scanning and you let us know if a site is contaminated or otherwise unsafe. This is to again use is made of the database of Avira, which the virus definitions are always current.

The infected sites are displayed in the search results and you will get a warning before you visit. You will see that immediately. If a website has a green check mark, then it is completely safe. In addition, this search engine use of the PUA, Potentially Unwated Application, detection. That means that Avira SafeSearch Plus directly a potentially unwanted application recognizes, such as toolbars, adware, and more. These are often applications that a virus or malware, although that's not always the case. There you will get a notice and it is possible for you then take action.

It is possible for a region or language, which in turn affects your search results and your search results will be opened in a new tab. That can be useful.

Avira SafeSearch Plus allows you to safely surf the and your privacy is guaranteed. Online threats are by the search engine stopped and trackers that many companies use to your search, map will be blocked. You will, therefore, not to see ads and your personal data is nowhere stored.

If you use the search engine, then you know that you are safe online, that protects you against threats that you do not malicious websites or malicious files download. Furthermore, you will not see any malicious content and therefore, it is a browser like this for example useful if you have children who go online.

Avira SafeSearch Plus has the following features:

  • free safe search engine,
  • as a plugin to your browser to add,
  • replace right away your default browser,
  • scans all websites with smart cloud technology,
  • notifies you if you have unsafe web sites or download applications,
  • blocks trackers from companies.

Avira SafeSearch Plus screenshots

screenshot-Avira SafeSearch Plus-1
screenshot-Avira SafeSearch Plus-2

You can free download Avira SafeSearch Plus and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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