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iPhoto is a free photo app of Apple. As we of Apple are used to, the app will have a sleek design and is also very user-friendly. With iPhoto, that of course only apply on iOS applications, press and hold the iCloud photo library from your Apple-application tidy. Download now iPhoto for free on our website and you can, wherever you are, always and everywhere, in your photo collection.

But iPhoto is more than just neatly organize your photos. With this new, free Photos app gets you more from your photos than you ever could have imagined. Once iPhoto has downloaded, you can decide how you take your pictures, edit, and share. The possibilities are numerous and let your photos come to life!

The numerous capabilities of iPhoto and start organizing your photos. You can add your photos neatly organize using faces, places, or events where the photos were taken. Once you have a name placed on a photo, iPhoto automatically go in search of pictures where this person is already on to see. In addition, you can use photos to organize on-site and it is displayed on Apple maps.

As soon as the photo has made it can edit it in iPhoto to begin. You have a nice photo taken, but with the easy-to-use editing tools the Photos app makes you a great picture of it. With one click of the mouse you simply set the correct exposure, add effects, adjust red eye, create a black-and-white photo of or to locate other bumps in the road.

After you take the picture to your needs edited, it is time to share it. Like organize and edit photos plenty of options, also has the sharing of photos with many options. To start, you can easily direct forwarding via sms, e-mail or social media such as Facebook and Twitter, without anything extra they have done. But in iPhoto, you can use the photo with a matching theme send via sms, email or social media. Or what about a series of photos in a slide show and to your friends send. You can even add your own music to add to your photo!

There is one point where Apple is with iPhoto has really distinguished; the printing of photos. You can use your edited photos is now very easy to print using a great tool within iPhoto. With iPhoto, you can, in addition to ordinary photos, photobooks, calendars and cards printing. Select the photos you want and set your print size and layout. Make this way of your first, really nice photo, a great experience that you want to share publicly.

iPhoto has the following characteristics:

  • always and everywhere, photos at hand,
  • 64-bit support in OS X Mavericks,
  • easily organize your photos,
  • extensive editing tools,
  • extensive possibilities to share photos,
  • new, exclusive opportunities to print photos.

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You can free download iPhoto and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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