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Probably you ever noticed that you often see ads from sites you've previously visited. Often appear even the products that you are at a shop has viewed. With special tools, you will prevent advertisers and others, you have longer able to follow when you are on the internet surfing the web.

DoNotTrackMe is a free browser plugin that allows you to influence which companies you should track and what not.

UPDATE: DoNotTrackMe is by the developers of this service merged with other software and has the new name Blur . The original features of DoNotTrackMe still use Blur to install.

DoNotTrackMe is a free plugin for your browser which allows you the online trackers of companies that you can block. These trackers are placed in order to place advertisements, to collect statistics and social media to integrate on other websites.

By default the plugin is set so that all trackers are blocked. When you use the button of DoNotTrackMe in the bar of your browser it will give you to see which companies trackers are trying to place. You can then select which companies you would still want to grant permission. The works in the Facebook buttons on other sites if you the tracker of Facebook block. For many people this is a reason for this yet.

There is within the plugin, a distinction is made between social networks and other companies. The trackers from social networks are collected under a separate title.

This service keeps statistics of how many trackers you are already blocked. It will surprise you how many companies information about you to try to collect. A page on for example, contains all trackers of at least six companies.

DoNotTrackMe has the following characteristics:

  • browser plugin that allows trackers of companies may be blocked,
  • block everyone or individual companies to select,
  • statistics keep track of the total number of blocked trackers,
  • icon in browser gives amet number is the number of trackers on the visited site,
  • suitable for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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You can free download DoNotTrackMe and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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