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Ruby is a programming language that is quickly gaining in popularity rises. Nevertheless, there are still many programmers that this language is not controlling.

When you or your children in an accessible way to get acquainted with the Ruby you can do this by using the open source program Hackety Hack.

Hackety Hack is a free program that allows you and your children can learn programming. The program provides guidance in learning how to program in Ruby. This programming language is on a strong rise and is used for both desktop and internet applications.

After the startup of the program you can choose from four different classes. These lessons include an introduction to programming in general and Ruby in particular. There are also commands given to you in the left pane of the window. You can use these commands with different names, save and you can use the code in a new window to run by clicking "run" button. As you will see immediately what the result is of the code that you have entered.

You can also learn to code, enter, save, and share them with other users via the website of Hackety Hack. To do this, you will first need an online account.

Hackety Hack is a must for beginners who want to learn programming. Unfortunately, it is still not a lot of commands. We are lucky to have the explanation together with the codes that other users shared with you a good base to start with programming in Ruby.

Hackety Hack has the following features:

Hackety Hack screenshots

screenshot-Hackety Hack-1
screenshot-Hackety Hack-2

You can free download Hackety Hack and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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