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Within companies or other organizations where many people work in large quantities of documents stored. This makes it necessary to provide documents in a structured way to save.

LogicalDOC is an open source program that helps organizations, to maintain order in all stored documents.

LogicalDOC is a platform for managing documents and facilitating collaboration within teams. The developers offer the program paid, but there is also an open source version.

This document management system allows documents to organize, index, retrieve, manage and distribute. Within this system, employees rights have been assigned to open files, save or edit. For example, someone who is working on the HRM-department can access own document but not from those of the financial department.

LogicalDOC is suitable for various office documents including Word, Excel, PDF, OpenOffice, and HTML. Different versions of a document to be documented, so that also older versions later found and can be opened. To each document, you can find other articles to link to, comment there places and keywords to add. This allows colleagues a good discussion.

The user interface of LogicalDOC is a fully web-based. This means that through a web browser and can be reached by logging in to the private account. There is no need locally no additional software to be installed.

LogicalDOC is working with all popular database management systems, but it is advised to make use of MySQL.

LogicalDOC has the following characteristics:

  • professional document management system,
  • paid and free (open source) version,
  • written in Java programming language
  • suitable for popular file types including Word and PDF,
  • suitable for all popular database management systems.

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You can free download LogicalDOC and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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