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With the help of the right software it is possible to make a 3-dimensional model of each object. This is done on the basis of self-made photos. You can use the free program AutoDesk 123D Catch.

123D Catch is a freeware 3D program that is offered by AutoDesk. This developer is also responsible for the professional AutoCAD software package, and many other easily accessible 3D software, including Meshmixer.

With AutoDesk 123D Catch you can get a 3-dimensional model of each object. You can do this by multiple photos of the same object from different angles. These photos you have to import then in 123D Catch via the iOS app, the website or the Windows program to a 3-dimensional image to create. You have 20 to 40 photographs are needed for an optimal result.

Within the app, the website or the Windows program can you in 360 degrees around the 3-dimensional object heendraaien. In addition, you can model sharing by e-mail, a video or even print it with a 3D printer. For this you will need the model, first export it as a STL-file.

AutoDesk 123D Catch has the following characteristics:

  • free program to make 3D-dimensional models of objects,
  • browsing through the 3D-images that others created and shared,
  • created 3D models directly via e-mail to share,
  • 360 degrees around the 3D-model heendraaien,
  • available via installer for Windows, website and iOS app.

AutoDesk 123D Catch screenshots

screenshot-AutoDesk 123D Catch-1
screenshot-AutoDesk 123D Catch-2

You can free download AutoDesk 123D Catch and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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