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When you own a business, then you want that the state of affairs goes well and that you all in an efficient way. That can be very easy with Fluxday. With this program you can set goals, all kinds of business within your company can improve the productivity and quality of your company and employees to a higher level. It is a comprehensive productivity tool, which is very suitable for novice entrepreneurs and smaller businesses.

Fluxday is based on the well-known OKR, Objectives and Key Results, a technique to your set goals to achieve. Fluxday is an open source program that is totally free to use and to install on your own server.

Many large companies such as Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter make use of OKR, because by yourself, as a company, to set goals, it is easy to work on and achieve. The program is light and fast on your own server to install. After that you can start with adding the goals and services of your organization.

You can use various tasks to add, when you click on the ‘+Task’. In the home screen, you will see the schedule for the week, but you can also switch to a monthly agenda, which you per day tasks can add. Per task or goal, you can add a description, the start date and the date when the project must be ready and you can be a priority to give. For each task, you can again sub-tasks to enter. Tasks can the design of products or setting up a new blog.

In addition, it is possible for teams or individual employees to a project or task to add tasks to assign employees and each user gets a private Fluxday OKR for a certain period of time, so that this his or her task exactly. All users can login to the system and their task is to indicate how many hours they have per day been doing. You can as a team leader then put everything back and see your own changes or add comments. You keep the whole process carefully, you can fully analyze, and use multiple reports to export, both as a text file, as in the form of charts, in several formats.

Fluxday is a very good way to increase the productivity and confidence of your company and employees to increase. You will get an insight into the time that everyone on a task or project looks, you will instantly see who has done what and you will find that your business greatly. Within the program are you looking for very easy keyword and you will find a list of all the projects under each other.

Fluxday is a comprehensive service, with lots of useful options.

Fluxday has the following characteristics:

  • free business productiviteitstool,
  • to install on your own server,
  • based on the well-known OKR, Objectives and Key Results,
  • add tasks and teams,
  • assign tasks and projects to employees,
  • track how long your employees somewhere to have worked,
  • export a project or a task as a text file or as a graph.

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You can free download Fluxday and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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