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Many products today have a barcode or a barcode. Such a code, consisting of a lot of hyphens, digits, and punctuation marks, contains a lot of information about a product, such as the price and other details. Such a barcode is then scanned and all information is immediately visible. For companies, it is a convenient way of working, but maybe it will for you also an excellent option and has you for products or objects, a barcode is needed. Such a code is fairly complicated, but with a program as Planned Barcode Generator, yet quick to make. The generator supports more than 50 symbols and you tag easily the desired information in a barcode.

Casts Barcode Generator is free to use and available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

If you have your own shop with your own products, then you to those products in any barcodes, so these products easily scan and pay for. When you own your own barcodes to create, you Want to, Barcode Generator is the right address. Casts Barcode Generator creates barcode for different formats and supports many commonly used codes, such as UPC codes, QR codes, Data Matrix, EAN-128, Code 128, ITF, and postal barcodes.

The program is easy to use, but has enough options to own barcodes to create and immediately print. It is a lightweight program that you, as a compressed file in. Install is not necessary, because you click on the executable file, and it opened immediately. On the screen you will see a barcode, without the details, for that you need to add.

First you specify which format you are using for your barcode to use, and then enter the information that your barcode is hung should be. You enter in as text, or you cut and paste just the information of a text document in the appropriate window. It is possible to get 2D text to enter and to the appearance of your codes to match. To change the size, the white areas and the background color. If you use your text or the information has been entered, which is not particularly long, but the length varies by symbolism, from symbolism, that you select from a pull down menu, and specify a start and end value.

Furthermore, it is Planned Barcode Generator is a smart system, that is able to self-random numbers for bar codes. Your generated code is to save it as a PNG-, EPS - or SVG-file. Your barcode is further directly to print or to copy to the clipboard of your computer.

Casts Barcode Generator is a simple program for quickly handy barcodes.

Casts Barcode Generator has the following characteristics:

  • make simple your own barcodes,
  • free available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux,
  • supports more than 50 symbols,
  • manually enter text or import text from text documents,
  • select your desired barcode type Installation is not required,
  • export your barcode to different formats.

Casts Barcode Generator screenshots

screenshot-Zint Barcode Generator-1
screenshot-Zint Barcode Generator-2

You can free download Zint Barcode Generator and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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