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In certain situations it is useful to have multiple monitors to connect to a computer. As such, designers or beursanalysten often with multiple screens at the same time. In other situations, it is useful to have multiple computers with just one mouse and a keyboard to send. To do this, then use a program like ShareMouse. Thus, you connect your mouse and keyboard with multiple computers. If you take your mouse to the edge of your screen moves, it automatically jumps over to the adjacent monitor. The computer that is connected is so easy to operate. You need there no links or buttons to convert.

ShareMouse is free to use, but has a pro version with more options. The software is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

ShareMouse is a simple solution to all of the computers that are connected to your network with one mouse and keyboard to control it. Very complicated is not that, but it does take a little practice, to get it to run smoothly. After installation appears the icon of the application in the notification area of your computer where it running in the background.

ShareMouse will automatically find all the connected computers on your network and then prompts you to ShareMouse to share with the other computers. You install the program on the other computers. On the other computers to recognize the application of the main computer. There is nothing needed and the program works directly.

When you move your mouse to the edge of your desktop, is displayed directly on the display. Large white arrows is the direction of movement indicated. The display that you are currently on was working, then dimmed. If you move the cursor back moves you back the control over the first computer back. Furthermore, there is a QuickJump hot key for the action to execute and is there a special panic button, which lets you immediately turn on your main screen back. In addition, there is an option to the program to protect it with a password, so it only works if the password is entered and the scroll speed of your mouse to adjust. The connection itself is encrypted. ShareMouse has a special ‘Monitor manager’, which allows you at a glance all the connected monitors will see. Further, it is possible to have the program temporarily to lock, making it just not works.

ShareMouse allows for an efficient way of working. You work easily with multiple computers and monitors at the same time, the sharing of files is very simple and you need only one screen to the other to drag, you set on all monitors have the same screen saver and monitor resolution and its various affairs, such as the disabling of the computers, to sync.

ShareMouse has the following characteristics:

  • operate multiple computers and monitors with one mouse and keyboard,
  • available for free for Windows and Mac OS X,
  • easy to install,
  • link automatically all the computers within your network to each other,
  • has a few handy keyboard shortcuts,
  • certain things are simple between all computers to synchronize.

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You can free download ShareMouse and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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