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Microsoft Word always was the most popular word processing program, yet it seems that these software individuals are longest time has had. There are so many free alternatives available that the purchase of an expensive office productivity is no longer needed.

Growly Write is a free word processor for Mac OS.

Growly Write is a free word processing application that is specially developed for Mac users. The program is not completely comparable with Microsoft Word because it has not so many features. Growly Write contains only the most necessary features that most people often use. The word processor is, however, sufficiently extensive to use for professional documents.

To help you focus on the actual content of the document and not its appearance, the programme includes a "draft view". When you the formatting of the text you want to display, you switch to the "page view".

You don't have to worry whether you are text documents you can open. Growly Write you can simply Microsoft Word files to import. Unlike Microsoft Word has Growly Write no problems with creating and loading text documents that have very many pages contain.

To edit special properties in the documents clearer and easier to be with inserted attributes in the margin of the document blue icons. When you roll over them with your mouse then you will see what property this is (for example, a link or an image), and you can directly adjust.

Growly Write has the following characteristics:

  • free word processor for Mac OS,
  • has the necessary basic functions,
  • very easy to use,
  • can be better than the Microsoft Office deal with large documents,
  • different ways to view the document by using tabs,
  • ability to Word files to import,
  • possibility to HTML - or RTF - files to export.

Growly Write screenshots

screenshot-Growly Write-1
screenshot-Growly Write-2

You can free download Growly Write 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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