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A bit of a film buff has the app of the Internet Movie Database, or IMDB, on his or her smartphone. This website is one of the largest sources about the film. IMDB provides all kinds of information about movies, actors, celebrities, cast and crew. In addition, provide the visitors a great contribution with reviews, ratings and all sorts of fun lists. Because the app is a useful system of evaluating films, watching millions of people this and leave even the choice of a film depend on.

The site of IMDB is of course already known, but there is also a good app, which is available for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle. These apps are completely free to use.

If you have only some information about a film to have and a trailer to view, then the app simply to use, but if you actively want to take part, then you need to create an account and be logged in. Then you have access to an unprecedented amount of information about films and television. The app works very simple. When you start, you will see on the home screen, immediately all kinds of information about new films, projects and events with film and television.

One of the priorities is the search function, which allows you the database of millions of movies and series to quickly search by keyword. From the moment you start typing, the app also gives you suggestions for titles, after which you can your desired movie, select.

Of movies, you can see the movie posters, a short description, the average number that visitors have given and you are watching the trailers, what with a simple click, full-screen, happens, and photos, read the reviews and you will see all the information about the full cast and all kinds of fun facts about a movie or actor or actress.

In addition, IMDB many lists, such as the top 250 best movies ever, and you see which movies coming soon in the cinema. The app works really quickly and that is a big advantage. The offerings range from big blockbusters to obscure films and come from all countries of the world. It is possible to watch films and series to add to your ‘watch list’, they have a review after a movie has seen, new lists to make, or fun facts in a movie to add. The app offers you the possibility to receive notifications when there is news about your favorite movies and series, for example, when a new season comes, or if it is known when it is sent out.

In addition to the common information of the IMDB app much technical information about movies and series, such as the running time and the color and let the app the ‘box-office’ information, so you know how much a film has brought. The app looks clear and uncluttered, and works really well and is very complete. You need never miss a thing in the field of movies and series.

IMDB has the following characteristics:

  • view all information about movies, cast and crew,
  • available for free for iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle,
  • create a free account and log in,
  • search by keyword a database of millions of movies and series,
  • view trailers, photos and posters of movies,
  • add movies and series to your Watchlist,
  • rate movies with stars and add your own fun facts.

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You can free download IMDB and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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