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Last year, Apple released its office productivity iWork to the cloud, and called the package also iWork for iCloud. This web version of iCloud makes it possible anywhere to work within the environment of iWork in the browser. Apple has the functionality of the software is now considerably expanded.

One of the interesting changes that Apple has introduced is the ability to collaboration. With up to a hundred men at the same time, you can work on a document in Pages, Numbers or Keynote. This should work remotely within a team, to make it easier.

Another change that Apple has introduced is the extension of the file sizes. Previously you could only copy files up to 200MB-create. Now it is possible files up to 1GB. Files within documents such as images are now allowed up to 10MB, previously this was 5MB.

A small change, but not less important is the new ability to a Numbers file to export to the CSV format. This allows you Numbers files read in for example Microsoft Excel, which is the felxibiliteit increase, if you love to work with different programs on different platforms.

Furthermore, you can Pages files now export to ePub, you can interactive charts insert within all three of the programs, and you have two hundred new fonts available to your document.

iWork for iCloud screenshots

screenshot-iWork for iCloud-1
screenshot-iWork for iCloud-2

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