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Image editing tool for Advanced with various functions for the optimization of RAW-images; offers in addition to tools for cropping, Rotation, and perspective of various effects, as well as extensive Tonwertfunktionen; support popular RAW formats as well as JPG, TIFF and PNG files; provides a Plug-in for direct connection to GIMP The non-destructive working image editing Photivo is Packed with powerful functions for the optimization of Raw images. The program opens all Raw formats, the library dcraw supports, as well as common Bitmap formats such as JPEG, TIFF, and PNG.

The scope, flexibility and quality of the editing also meet high standards; tools for the image or the links to Online galleries is lacking, however, as well as Fotolayout or printing. The Filterangebot of the program includes, in addition to the correction of lens distortions, for those on the Lensfun library is used, among other things, tools for cropping, Rotation and perspective, as well as various effects, including Texture blend and gradient overlays. The focus is on the well for a Raw tool unusually extensive, most of them in LAB color, working Tonwertfunktionen.

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