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LXLE is based on Lubuntu 12.04, but it brings a more complete selection of Software. The goal of the Distribution is according to the developer, a complete Desktop environment for older computers to provide. On newer computers should be the 64-Bit Version is good to run fast. Minimalists sollter rather leave them the Finger, because LXLE very many packages already pre-installed. These are, in my opinion, but with care chosen, and it is not totally unnecessary bells and whistles available.

So for example, Firefox, LibreOffice, Chromium and Guayadeque on Board. Furthermore, it is Samba pre-installed, and it is a small GUI, with which the Samba Server is configured. Pleasant for the user is that you with the file Manager PCManFM immediately to Shares on the network can. As PIM is used Osmo.

Furthermore, there is a clear configuration center and the Software Center, Deepin. Conky to run by default and provides information about the System. At this point a small note. If You have the screen resolution change, hops, Conky is no longer upward to the right, but remains in the middle of the screen – this is ugly. With a restart of the application, You can fix it. Just a Terminal open and enter the following command: killall -SIGUSR1 conky.

Also, there is a QuickStart App that by pressing Alt+z menu. Then You can just start typing and the arrow keys through the results of rushing. Furthermore, there is an Aero Snap-like feature – a window, click the Super key (Windows key) button and then an arrow key.

In the 64-Bit Version offers Compton the shadow for menu and window. It also delivers the Distribution of over 50 really nice Wallpaper with. The Bildschirmbenachrichtungen takes xfce4-notify. LXLE is, as already mentioned, well-equipped with Software and of course You have access to the huge Ubuntu Repository.

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