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The sun does show itself, and so does many people for the green fingers itch. For anyone who is in need of a new garden, driveway or terrace and like the hands from the sleeves, there is good news. Tuinspecialist Marlux has a new online tool has been developed to learn your own dream garden design and to visualize. In short, with the Marlux Tuincreator is everyone a little landscaper!

You will have an idea of how your garden should look like, but of course, you're not tekenwonder. And all the design software is so damn complicated. Then the Marlux Tuincreator a welcome helping hand. This new online tool allows you to create a basis tuinplan design, including different types of substrate, vegetation, accessories and of course the tiles from the entire Marlux range. Marlux wants to use the new tool to a broad audience, from builders and renovators to the average gardener.

Wider than tiles Frederic Corman, Marketing Manager at Marlux: “We have deliberately chosen to use the tool is wider than just our terrastegels. As a market leader, we want to be something extra in the form of a fun yet useful service where a wide public, with or without our tiles. The difference lies in the accessibility and ease of use. Unlike other software applications, anyone can it to work.

Tuincreator of Marlux screenshots

screenshot-Tuincreator of Marlux-1

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