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A so-called Digital Asset Management (DAM) program facilitates the management of tasks and decisions surrounding the storage, categorization, retrieve and distribute digital files. This may include videos, images, documents and other digitised content.

DAM software is only worked within larger organisations and other partnerships in which capturing, sharing and managing of files checked is to take place. A popular open source Digital Asset Management solution is ResourceSpace.

ResourceSpace is a free Digital Asset Management program. This software makes use of MySQL, PHP and the GD Graphics Library. It can be installed on most web servers including Apache.

Originally ResourceSpace in 2006 developed for the goededoelenorganisatie Oxfam. After that, the organisation behind it went with this project and has released it as open source solution.

The software has a focus on improving the collaboration among users when resources should be put together for a project. So the users collections to store which sources and saved searches to be shared with other users. These collections can be included in a basket that is always visible in a bar at the bottom of the screen.

To make the system easy to navigate, while sources or permanently stored, it is possible to archive them. In this way, they continue to be maintained but they come in the most important search for.

ResourceSpace works fully online. So, it may not be installed on a local computer but only on an online server space. After the user is logged in with the correct account information, he or she has access to the digital resources. Using the user permissions feature allows you to choose which sources a user has access or not.

ResourceSpace has the following characteristics:

  • Digital Asset Management software,
  • available under an open source license,
  • suitable for all types of digital files,
  • all digital sources and search results to share with team members
  • GPS location import via OpenLayers / OpenStreetMap / Google Maps,
  • automatic small reproductions show for many file types,
  • supports plugins to add additional functionality,
  • makes use of PHP, MySQL and the GD Graphics Library.

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