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Personal and digital assistants for Smartphones are in Trend and this market would in the future also SoundHound playing along with "Hound" race. There is even already a first Beta for Android.

SoundHound is definitely some of you a term, ever music with your Smartphone have been looking for. It is a well-known Alternative for the top dog Shazam. But it was somehow never at this approach. Therefore, you have a different Plan and decided to with Hound a digital assistant for Smartphones will be presented. This is supposed to be for Android and iOS in the course of the year. For Android, there is even a Beta.

The Beta, however, is not accessible to all, one must make an extra request access. For more information about the App are available on the website of SoundHound. An iOS App is coming as I said later. The following Demo shows you what the App can and how you then in action will look like.

SoundHound screenshots


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