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Do you already work longer with the word processor of LibreOffice (or OpenOffice), an index of abbreviations. You can make it yourself using the database program Base, so that your index later on also for the other texts you can use. In addition, you can import extensive and effortless to sort.

Click in the toolbar of LibreOffice Writer on the databasesymbool or instead, press [F4]. Open the folder tree on the left, and then right click on "Tables". Select "Database edit" from the context menu. Then click in the part "Database", "Tables" and then under "Tasks" click on the option "create Table in design view". Under "Field name" to add appropriate column headers, for example, "Abbreviation" and "Meaning". In the column "Field type" you make a choice for the property "Text".

The predefined maximum text length of 100 characters is enough for the field ‘Meaning’, but for the field ‘Abbreviation’ you are allowed to that number, feel free to reduce it to 10 or 20 characters. Save the table under the name "Index of abbreviations". After a double-click on the new table, you can make it with abbreviations and filling. Then you can get the index of abbreviations in all of the LibreOffice tools insert.

LibreOffice Base screenshots

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