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With the free program Free Sound Recorder, you can audio files to your Computer and record in various formats-save. The sound source can be both microphones as well as other inputs on the PC.

What you need:
With the program Free Sound Recorder can play audio files in various formats can be generated. As an input, can all to the sound card, adjacent sources, and signals generated. The operation of the program is quite easy to use. Download the program Free Sound Recorder from the Internet download.

Install the program, whereby the function of the custom Installation and select the Toolbar of the program not install. This is for the use of the program unnecessary.

After the Installation, start the program Free Sound Recorder. In the menu "Options" you can select the recorded file format and the location of the recorded files. You can also buttons for Starting and Stopping a recording. Also, an automatic recording with Free Sound Recorder intended. In the menu "Schedule" automatic records program. Furthermore, the functions of the automatic start of a recording of sounds (Voice Activation) as well as an automatic regulation of the recording level (Automatic Gain).

You have made the desired settings, you next need to set the input source for the recording. To do this, use the audio mixer of your sound card and select, for example, the microphone connected.

Video from the screen capture - how it works for a defined screen area If you have a Video of your screen want to create. Now the recording by Pressing the appropriate button to start. Alternatively, you can also set buttons to do this. The level of recording is by two bar graphs shown.

After the End of the recording, the recording in the lower part of the program select and play. The files are also in the previously defined directory.

Free Sound Recorder screenshots

screenshot-Free Soand Recorder-1

You can free download Free Soand Recorder 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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