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The first browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer. There were eventually eleven versions of this web browser to be released.

Through the years, the criticism of Internet Explorer has grown significantly. With each new version seemed to have the browser more unstable and slower. In addition, the competing browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera with new innovative features to make Internet Explorer's increasing hit. Therefore, Microsoft has decided to make a whole new browser from the ground up to re-develop. The development of Microsoft Edge was started in 2013 and in 2015 is the first version publicly released.

Edge is a free mobile and desktop browser from Microsoft. This web browser is suitable for Windows and Windows Phone operating systems. The browser is based on the same render engine Edge.

Microsoft Edge is characterized by a number of useful functions. As is all personal information in a "hub" is stored. This includes your favorite internet pages, your reading list and your download and browsing history. This personal data is synchronized between the web browser for desktop computers and the mobile version of Edge. So, you can take home interesting pages to save for later on the go on your smartphone all the way to reading.

The browser also includes the function "reading view" in which the formatting of the page is adapted to make the texts easier to read.

The most distinctive feature of the Edge browser is probably the ability to webnotities. Allows you directly on a web page to take notes with a virtual marker or by text types. You can then use the page, including notes and sketches directly from the browser and share it with others.

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge standard part of the operating system.

Microsoft Edge has the following features:

  • free web browser from Microsoft,
  • suitable for Windows and Windows Phone,
  • successor of Internet Explorer,
  • integration with Microsoft services such as OneDrive and Cortana,
  • all browserdata central "hub" store,
  • notes, websites, create, and share.

Microsoft Edge screenshots

screenshot-Microsoft Edge-1
screenshot-Microsoft Edge-2

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