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Who is often files, send know that many files are too big to just send. You take the therefore, files in, so these will be smaller and easier to ship. The receiver must then unpack it again. There are various tools for. If you are a Mac user, StuffIt Expander is a very easy program to packed files to unpack. It makes almost no matter what the size of a packed file, because with StuffIt Expander you can use almost all types of compressed files open.

StuffIt Expander is a free program that can be used for Mac OS X and as an app for iOS.

StuffIt Expander is a comprehensive program that is small and easy to install. You can download the program by your e-mail address, then the download becomes available.

StuffIt Expander can be more than thirty file formats to extract, and can even do that for zip files that are password-protected. The program works very easily and looks clear. You need StuffIt Expander not even get myself to open it. The only thing you need to do is the files you want to extract the icon from the program drag. The program does the rest. Your file will be extracted and you can find it on the same location on your hard drive, where the packed file. You can also choose a location where you want the files to be extracted.

StuffIt Expander works with ZIP , RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP and more. The useful part of this program is that you can set which kind of file formats this extracted. You can easily do in the program itself, where on the left side all the possible formats see. You can then assign it to different file formats. You can loose assign files to always be by StuffIt Expander unpack or you can do that in one time for all files. Files that for example with Winzip compressed you can easily extract and that is useful because such files are normally not very compatible with Mac.

Within StuffIt Expander, you can simple search for files and documents. In the settings you can set the program to further customize to your liking. You can set, when a file is extracted, the original packed file is automatically deleted and sent to the recycle bin. StuffIt Expander means further per day a log of what you extracted. You can choose to turn on or off. StuffIt Expander is basically a very useful program for a Mac is not to be missed, because it is so versatile and so many different file formats.

StuffIt Expander has the following characteristics:

  • tool to compressed files to extract,
  • available for free for Mac OS X and iOS,
  • takes more than thirty file formats,
  • drag and drop a file simply in the program,
  • set the uitpaklocatie itself in,
  • point StuffIt Expander to files,
  • has a good search function
  • can a log for you to keep track of.

StuffIt Expander screenshots

screenshot-StuffIt Expander-1
screenshot-StuffIt Expander-2

You can free download StuffIt Expander and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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