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The photo-Workflow Software, dark table provides photos with Geotags and positiniert you on a map. Dark table uses EXIF data, GPX files, or the Position on the map, when the image is manually placed. The Photo reduces the image noise and artifacts, offers presets for the white balance, and searches for similar photos. Dark table includes a Facebook-Exporter, the selected pictures in a Facebook Account uploads.

The photo Workflow package dark table 1.2 facilitates change-willing-to-Light room users with a Camera Raw import filter relocation. Once for a photo Workflow package such as Lightroom, Capture One, or Bibble, has decided to keeps him almost forced to the Faithful: In General, when moving all in the respective data bank stored settings will be lost because the values are not 1:1 on the Correction turwerkzeuge of the competition. More ingenuity to prove the development of the ler of the 8/2013 in detail the international trade-fair ten dark table. You are present with the Major Release 1.2 an import tool for Lightroom XMP files, not just metadata, such as keywords and Bewertun gene does, but also Camera Raw adjustments with the dark table modules studied. In the Test, it worked as documented.

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