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There are people who are blind are able to type, but a lot of people type with two fingers. That is not as fast as fast and blind typing. When you do not fast type, but that a time would like, you need the help of Typing Master but once obtained. With this software, you will learn a special course in a short time, fast typing, and the course is on your needs adapted. Typing Master provides more than ten hours of customized exercises, you step on the level of a trained typist. Your typing speed can thereby be doubled, allowing you to ultimately quite a bit of time can save. After a training of 3 to 5 hours you are already where you want to be.

Typing Master is a free typing lessons program, but has paid and zakenversies. The program is only available for Windows.

Typing Master is a very small program, which quickly installed. When the program has started, you can just warm up a number of games do. You can then go through a few test texts to typing in your level.

To the left of your home screen you will find the menu, containing the various components. You can set how long a oefentekst must last from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. When the test is finished, you can immediately see in a handy overview. You can see how long you, the text has done, what your typing speed is and the level of difficulty. You can view the results immediately, saving and printing, and you can even get a diploma if you want.

Then you can practice for the real thing. Under the heading 'studying' you will find all the exercises that you need. Per exercise you'll be given a short explanation, with what is waiting for you, and which keys you should use. You need to your monitor while watching you with your hands on the tap. When you are finished with your exercise, you will get an analysis of that exercise and you will see where your problems lie and where you need to work on. Typing Master provides you with tips and suggestions. It is also possible to have special components to work, such as difficult words. The nice thing about this application is that your weak points it will equal out and you there extra exercises for.

Typing Master, you will learn a number of lessons touch-typing. That is very useful. The program works in a very simple and intuitive, and the exercises have a clear structure, making them easy to follow. You can actually in a short time the level of your typevaardigheden fitting. Typing Master looks graphically a bit old-fashioned, but does do his work.

Typing Master has the following features:

  • free typing lessons program,
  • available for Windows,
  • tailor-made exercises for you to learn to type,
  • offers a lot of exercises,
  • oefenteksten from 2 to 30 minutes,
  • gives an analysis after an exercise,
  • gives additional tips and advice to get yourself to improve,
  • fully adapted to your level and needs,
  • train on difficult words.

Typing Master screenshots

screenshot-Typing Master-1
screenshot-Typing Master-2

You can free download Typing Master and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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