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To listen to music on your computer may be using the media player of your pc, but if you are tired or you are in search of a media player with more capabilities than is Helium Music Manager is an excellent alternative. With this program, you can manage your entire music collection, search, rename your files and play your music, of course. An additional handy option is to have your existing music library, which you may already have had created for your current media player, to import Helium Music Manager and immediately to use. That saves you a lot of work.

Helium Music Manager is free to use, but there is still a premium version with more features. The program is available for Windows.

Helium Music Manager is one of the most intuitive media players of the moment and is also very user-friendly. The program supports a lot of file formats, such as mp3, wav, wma, ogg, m4a, flac, ape and more. You will play easily your music, just like a normal audio cd. With a few simple clicks you will have your music library laid out.

You create a music library by the program to synchronize with the folder on your computer. You don't make the effort to own titles to fit or your files to update, because Helium Music Manager will download for you all of this information, such as case, photos of the artist, information by number, biography, discography, lyrics and more, from the internet. You can browse your music collection with the powerful search function by keyword such as artist, title, genre, or the number of points a song has, and if you press a number, double it is played.

But you like simple text, tags, and metadata of your music and per number, you can see the length, quality and popularity. You can add not only music from your computer, but with Helium Music Manager rip, you can very easily make an audio cd. You just click on rip, after you have an audio cd in your player has done and the program does the rest and adds the ripped music automatically to your library. You put certain file formats again to another format that better works for you and you create an unlimited number of playlists where you can add your favorite songs in the lodge. It supports Helium Music Manager, smart playlists, which the program itself compiles on the basis of criteria which you specify. The music itself is again to sort by multiple categories, such as name, artist, year, genre, atmosphere or quality.

Helium Music Manager allows you to stream music from online services like Shoutcast, offers the possibility to listen to podcasts, and allows you to still be able to an audio cd to burn. All the possibilities you can find in the menu on the left side of the service. It is an ideal program for if you have a large amount of music on your computer and you want this is a good way to manage.

Helium Music Manager has the following features:

  • program to your entire music collection to manage,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • has a premium version with more features,
  • your old music library is to import,
  • synchronize the program with the folder of your music collection,
  • automatically downloads all of the useful information of the music from the internet,
  • sort your music by different categories,
  • edit songs by tags, text, and metadata to adapt,
  • let you audio cd ripping.

Helium Music Manager screenshots

screenshot-Helium Music Manager-1
screenshot-Helium Music Manager-2

You can free download Helium Music Manager and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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