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The interception of personal data on the internet is a growing problem. Internet users fill often fill in personal information on websites, for example, do banking or to buy something in a shop. It is important to make sure that it is safe, HitmanPro.Alert can help you.

UPDATE: Sophos has the company behind HitmanPro in 2015 be adopted. HitmanPro.Alert is unfortunately no longer free. Look for alternatives in our overview of security software.

HitmanPro.Alert is a free program for your web browser to protect, during the use of internet banking and the checkout in an online store. This form of internet crime is growing rapidly and costs according to figures from the creators of the victims an average of 4.400 euro per person.

During the internet check HitmanPro.Alert the browser to suspicious behavior. Cybercriminals are trying more and more with the help of, for example, infected ads on, further reliable, sites to get access to your computer. This can be through the abuse of vulnerabilities in the browser and the operating system. The piece of software that without your knowledge your computer is installed through the abuse of these leaks is a trojan called. This is the last few years, for example, a number of times happened on When a trojan is detected gives HitmanPro.Alert a warning that you have no confidential information should fill out on the relevant website. The creators of the program claim in this way, 99% of the attacks may be prevented.

HitmanPro.Alert is available as a free stand alone program or as part of the HitmanPro anti-malware package. The free tool can be installed on all major web browsers that run on the Windows operating system.

HitmanPro.Alert provides protection against, among other, the following trojans:

HitmanPro.Alert has the following characteristics:

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You can free download HitmanPro.Alert and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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