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The government wants the citizens more involved in the society and the neighbourhood in which they live. Therefore, there is an initiative as a citizens ' network, a cooperation of the municipality, the police and citizens. There is now an app, with which you, together with your community and police working on the safety in your neighborhood. A great way to get the government to lend a helping hand. The more people participate, the greater the chance that suspects will be arrested or that any omission is explained. The app keeps you informed of the goings-on in your neighborhood, and with what the police are doing.

Burgernet is free to use and available for iOS and Android.

The app Burgernet is pretty low. Registration and logging in is not necessary and you will the app use right away once it is installed on your phone. However it does require the app to share your location, so that the information and notifications at your nearby can be adapted. The app works on the basis of a region, and it is possible to make the circumference of that region.

If you are on the main screen of the app is you will see immediately what all notifications you have in the area. There you can scroll easily through it. If you press and message then you'll be given the option to report directly to listen from the control room and then you arrive in a new tab with all the information about the notification. The police can be a Burgernetactie start after a report of a burglary, assault, driving after a collision or loss.

You will see a circled area on a map where the location of the message, as well as a list of messages in chronological order, the distance from your location to the place of action and a button for immediately calling the police if you have a tip that could lead to the solution of a case. A notification is also directly share on your social media or Whatsapp. If the action is closed than that stated in the notification. You will automatically receive a push notification when the police with a new case is in progress. In addition, it is possible for additional areas to add where you actions of Burgernet of want to receive.

According to citizens ' network to be 1 on the 10 Burgernetacties already resolved thanks to the suggestions of participants, so the more people participate the greater the chance that the police have a suspect or missing person locates and deals with the matter. You will be asked to become involved and look out for suspicious circumstances. The app runs on the basis of GPS and makes it possible for the life of your battery a little less.

Burgernet has the following characteristics:

  • app to the police, to help in local actions,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • login is not necessary
  • works on the basis of your location,
  • the app shows all the notifications in your area,
  • displays all useful information of a message,
  • take from the app directly contact the police,
  • share a message on your social media or via Whatsapp,
  • receive automatic push notifications when a new case.

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You can free download Burgernet and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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