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Facebook Messenger is one of the most used messengers at this time. Only use messenger quite a bit of data and is the app a bit slower to use if you have a slow internet connection. It is interesting to Messenger Lite to use. That is a lighter version of Facebook Messenger. This app is specially developed for if you have slow internet and was at first only intended for developing countries. The app is a lot lighter than the original messenger of Facebook, it consumes less data and is much faster. Furthermore, the conditions are more or less the same and has the app on the main features of the original messenger.

Messenger Lite is therefore a very good alternative to the standard Facebook Messenger. Messenger Lite is free to use and available for Android.

Messenger Lite is lightning-fast installed on your smartphone, because the app is so light. Because the app less memory of your phone consumes the use smoothly and runs your battery much less quickly empty. The appearance is changed a bit, with more use of white next to the blue, and looks simple but well-organised. If you open the app than it is possible to directly add an account, and logs you in with the details of your Facebook account.

Once you're logged in, you will see the three options of the app: home, contacts and your profile. You begin immediately with the chat with a contact. You click on a contact, and then the chat window will open.

The chat with Messenger Lite you do the way you already did in the original Facebook Messenger. You can add stickers and emoticons to messages, upload a photo or audio to send. It is not possible to connect with other users to video calling. A group start is possible and you do that by pressing the FAB button. Additionally, there are some settings to adjust, such as receiving notifications and your status is to adapt, where others see whether or not you are present.

Everything within Messenger Lite loads very quickly, and in addition to the sending of text messages you can send easily photos, and links to other users. If your connection unexpectedly drops and you are sending a message, then that message is simply, the message is stored and will deliver as soon as you're back online. With this option it is possible to have posts ready to convert, so that they can later be delivered.

Messenger Lite works very well and continues to work well with an unstable internet connection. It is stripped of all the less useful functions, so that a working, stripped down version is remaining.

Messenger Lite has the following features:

  • free stripped-down version of Facebook Messenger,
  • available for Android,
  • log in with your Facebook account,
  • choose a contact and start chatting,
  • send photos, emoticons and links,
  • video calling is not possible,
  • group conversations is possible,
  • works excellent with a bad internet connection.

Messenger Lite screenshots

screenshot-Messenger Lite-1
screenshot-Messenger Lite-2

You can free download Messenger Lite and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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