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Facebook is about the most used and most famous social media platform. But the company is more and more on other things to focus on. So there is now Facebook Workplace, aimed at companies and their employees. This is going to Facebook to compete with Slack.

Workplace is a digital platform where employees can easily collaborate and share information. The service is similar to the regular version of Facebook, because there is a personal timeline, where you the messages to post, where your colleagues to respond and continue to enter easy conversations with your colleagues, so that you simply work together on projects works. Further, it is possible to make video calls, share files with each other and chat with someone or with a group.

Facebook Workplace is free to use, but still has a paid version that offers more options. The service is available online in your browser, and has apps for iOS and Android.

The beauty of Facebook Workplace is that it is separate from your own Facebook account to use. You log might be in with your own account, but that also goes with the e-mail address of your work. However, your company must first be registered on the Workplace. The service looks the same as Facebook, but is quite up to the standards of your company to adapt. So you add your own colors, logo, and actually your entire design.

An important feature of this service is working in groups. You connect yourself to a group, then you can easily share information, respond to each other's posts, something on someone's profile post and voice and video calls. That way, you work as a team be more productive together. The number of groups within the Workplace of a company is created should be is unlimited and the addition of individuals simple by clicking on the 'Add Members' button.

Just like with Facebook you create your own profile within the Workplace, follow your colleagues and you select which function you have in your company performs. Further, it is possible to live broadcasts, such as that in Facebook already happening. That way, you share a presentation, for example, with others elsewhere at that time. It is even possible to use within the Workplace with other companies to collaborate, and companies to link together. Recurring tasks allows you automatically, so you periodic reminders if they need to be done.

Workplace is to sync with all your devices. Because the service works with an encrypted connection all your data is safe. The advantage is that the Workplace, in contrast to the usual Facebook, runs without ads, because the Workplace is primarily intended for the internal communication within your company. That communication fills you with Workplace completely to suit your needs, and the service is to use for a team, a department or the whole company.

Facebook Workplace has the following characteristics:

  • free communications service for companies,
  • available in your browser,
  • has apps for iOS and Android,
  • offers a paid version with more features,
  • works more or less the same as the regular version of Facebook,
  • intended for the internal communication of your company,
  • allow employees to communicate in groups,
  • perform audio and video calls with each other,
  • to synchronize on all your devices.

Facebook Workplace screenshots

screenshot-Facebook Workplace-1
screenshot-Facebook Workplace-2

You can free download Facebook Workplace and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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