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Cancer is still one of the most common diseases and it comes in many forms. Women on age are, by default, is examined on, for example, breast cancer, and often you need to go to the hospital to find out whether you have cancer. One of the most common forms of cancer is skin cancer. Normally you must visit a dermatologist or the hospital if you have a suspicion of skin cancer, but with the app, Skinvision, it is possible to investigate whether moles are really a mole or skin cancer. Skinvision would skin cancer in about eighty percent of the cases recognize, and almost as good as a dermatologist.

Skinvision is free to use and available for iOS and Android.

To Skinvision to use you will first need to log in. That you can do with your Facebook account or register yourself with your e-mail address. Then gives you your birthday and if you are logged in. You will come to a screen with all the options at the top of the screen is your profile. Here you enter a few settings, such as the type of your skin, the color of your eyes and hair, or you has freckles and if so how much and how your skin reacts to the sun. Furthermore, please fill in a risk profile in which you indicate whether you have a lot of moles and where you display a series of personal questions. Finally, it gives you your location, so that the app can give what the UV Index of your area.

The app works very easy. You create a picture of a mole or other suspicious spot on your skin, making sure that the tip in the picture is green or is. Then you will take the picture and go the the app this picture to analyze, on the basis of an algorithm that Skinvision is devised. Before this happens, you have a number of questions on the spot answer. The analysis takes a while, but not very long, after which there is a judgment from the rolls and the degree of risk that the stain forms. The risk is shown in green, orange or red. At green, so there is nothing to worry about and if there is a lot of red to see than it is advisable to have a specialist to look at. So you can see instantly whether a mole or other spot on your skin is a threat.

The photo is directly save to your phone, for which you have a folder created in the app, or even to a doctor to send, so this viewing. The app is however limited for free. Skinvision works with credits, and if the app is going to use then you get the first five credits for free. Each analysis will cost you a credit.

SkinVision has the following characteristics:

  • app that skin cancer can recognize,
  • available for iOS and Android,
  • works with credits, and each analysis takes a credit,
  • the first five credits for free,
  • take a picture of a mole or suspicious spot on your skin,
  • the app indicates whether there is a risk of cancer or that nothing is going on,
  • save your photo or send it directly to a doctor.

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You can free download SkinVision and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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