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If you buy a new computer is always pre-installed software, the so-called bloatware. Part of it is very useful, but another part is not needed and only causes but to problems. This unnecessary software is difficult to remove. Even when you delete it there is still a part about. To this bloatware permanently removed from your system you have a program like Decrap My Computer. It can also be manually, but it will cost you a hooop time.

This application scans your system thoroughly on bloatware and ensures that the unwanted software completely disappear. Decrap My Computer is absolutely free to use and available for Windows only.

Bloatware is junk software that your computer slows down, because it unnecessarily eats memory, and can make sure that your other programs will not work as it should. Most of the bloatware is extremely persistent and deeply integrated in your operating system and, therefore, very difficult to remove. The program is easy to use and works quickly.

If you Decrap My Computer for the first time, then it scans your system and makes it immediately a list of possible bloatware, that you want to delete. Here you check again the programs that you do not want to delete. You must as well pay attention, because it is possible that Decrap My Computer is important programs has selected to delete. If you have made a choice, then the application will be for you further and used the uninstallers of all the bloatware itself. You do that so no longer have to search.

The next step is to confirm all windows that come forward and remove Decrap My Computer actually has all the unwanted software, and it is the Windows registry cleaned. The whole process has no further confirmation, or other forms of authorization you need, and the program works very efficiently.

After all the bloatware has been removed, you will see that there is again more space on your hard drive or hard drives released and that your computer like a breeze running. It is still possible to have the process complete automatically, with the program a system restore point on your computer, or eventually, everything is still manual. When the program is finished it closes itself.

Decrap My Computer is very useful for new computers, but the program is additionally very suitable for older systems, which by bloatware slower and thus function less well. The program is available in several different languages, including Dutch.

In addition to the version that you have on your system, there is a portable version, which you can easily carry on a usb stick.

Decrap My Computer has the following features:

  • remove unwanted bloatware from your computer,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • scans you system and Windows registry to bloatware,
  • automatically removes all the unwanted software,
  • it is possible the process manually,
  • suitable for new and older computers
  • has a portable version for a usb stick.

Decrap My Computer screenshots

screenshot-Decrap My Computer-1
screenshot-Decrap My Computer-2

You can free download Decrap My Computer and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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