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In busy times it is not do to events out of your head. Many people still choose to take for an old-fashioned, real agenda, but today with that very well digital. EfficientPIM is a handy aid. With this program, you simply create your calendar . Not only that, you manage very simple to your contacts, put appointments and things you need to do in your calendar, processing notes, and with this app, you can even your passwords to track.

EfficientPIM Free is a very effective program, which you all under one roof and which is equivalent to your life in order. The program is free to use and available for Windows and for iOS and Android.

EfficientPIM Free is a platform that allows you to all your daily activities can keep track of. The program looks like the e-mail program of Outlook and looks a lot like Word, and is clear and well-organized designed. The program is quickly downloaded and installed and you can choose from ten different templates, which you want to work.

You can set the program to start when you start your computer, so that you can immediately. It will then be at the bottom of your toolbar, click the background continue to run. That is handy, because you will receive notifications when an appointment is, that you have in your agenda. Through these memories you will not soon forget another event again and you can set how long in advance you would like to get.

Furthermore, EfficientPIM Free is very simple. You can always new events in your calendar. This can be by appointment or task, but you can, in addition, recurring appointments in the calendar. You can choose the day, time and location of an appointment, as well as the person with whom you have that appointment. That you can to add your contacts and you can view it there in a new event out of it. You can add notes and attachments to add an appointment. The calendar you see in a handy overview, so you can easily see which appointments you have the next time. You can view the calendar by day, work week, week, month, or year. Useful is that you the application can sync with your smartphone, giving you all the information always at hand.

Besides putting appointments in your calendar, turn easy tasks into your calendar, you can use your journal to keep track, so that you know what you are on what day has done, you can manage your contacts, as for example in the popular e-mail programs. Furthermore, you can add an email account and has EfficientPIM Free is a built-in password manager, allowing you to view all your passwords simple manages. A lot of information and files, you can simply place it in the program dragging it, and you can also directly files and documents from your hard drive in the application to import. A very useful program, that will make your life a lot easier.

EfficientPIM Free has the following features:

  • free personal information management software,
  • available for Windows, iOS and Android,
  • syncs between all of your devices
  • hold your entire calendar,
  • quickly enter new appointments in
  • manage your contacts,
  • get reminders when you have an appointment,
  • has a handy password manager.

EfficientPIM Free screenshots

screenshot-EfficientPIM Free-1
screenshot-EfficientPIM Free-2

You can free download EfficientPIM Free and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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