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Not all music has the same quality. When you have many mp3's in your music collection, there's a big difference between the various mp3's. The volume may be lower, or there may be a bit of silence before the music starts. All small things that your listening pleasure there is in any case not better.

With MP3 Normalizer, you can hear the sound of your mp3's quite a improve. With a few simple clicks, you can adjust the volume, the so-called normalize, so your music is always hard enough, you can a bit of silence to remove and you can, for example, a fade-in and fade-out to a mp3 add. MP3 Normalizer is a free application, which is available only for Mac OS.

MP3 Normalizer is a program designed to ensure the quality of your mp3's to improve and you do not have to constantly adjust the volume of your player or computer. It costs you not even a lot of effort. The program is small, so installed and it works quite clear and intuitive.

The install works easily, because you need the file only for your applications to drag. When you run the program for the first time, you can change several settings, such as volume normalizing, where you can choose between 'Peak' and Loudness' and the output format. You can even an automatic volume control enable, which works very well for spoken audio, such as podcasts and interviews. When you get to work with MP3 Normalizer, you will immediately notice that your voice audio is brighter and clearer.

The application works easily, because you can put your mp3's directly in the program drag. In addition, it is possible to use the search function on your Mac to search for the files that you want to normalize. You can loose mp3 add, but also superiors at the same time, or even a number of folders at the same time. You can use the new mp3 files will continue to add and you don't have to wait until the already added files are ready. Then you can decide what you next step is to want to do. You click on convert, then the program goes to work. MP3 Normalizer flattens peaks and provides it to the other side again for that softer sounds more in the foreground. Certain sounds, such as a click, are a bit softer made. In addition, the program has different effects that you can use, such as a function to a piece of silence of a mp3.

You can immediately see how the process goes and how long it takes before all the mp3's have been treated. MP3 Normalizer works with mp3 files and with wav-files. Ultimately, roll your new mp3-files with customized volume and you will clearly hear the difference. Because you have multiple files and folders at the same time, can edit, can you have your whole music collection in one time converting. Further, you can easily tag on an mp3 to add, and even add tags from online databases for music.

MP3 Normalizer has the following characteristics:

  • automatically adjusts the quality of your mp3 files,
  • free available for Mac OS,
  • choose from a variety of settings,
  • can multiple mp3's or folders at the same time to normalize
  • add various effects, such as trimming of silence,
  • works with mp3-files and wav-files,
  • easily add tags to your mp3s.

MP3 Normalizer screenshots

screenshot-MP3 Normalizer-1
screenshot-MP3 Normalizer-2

You can free download MP3 Normalizer and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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