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HTML5 is a new HTML standard which, among other things by using tags more structure is placed in an HTML document.

Furthermore, this standard is it possible to use HTML5 video directly in a browser to play it without additional plugins need to install. You must have the video file of course, however, first the correct file format to be saved. With Easy HTML5 Video you can convert video files to HTML5 video format.

Easy HTML5 Video is a free program for Windows and Mac that helps you convert video files to HTML5 video format.

After you have the videos selected that you want to import, choose the file formats to which you want to convert. By default, the video is converted to MP4, OGG, WebM, and for old versions of Internet Explorer to Flash. In addition, you can also use a low-resolution MP4 save video for mobile devices running Android and iOS.

By at the bottom of the window the slide along the timeline of the video to move, select the still image that is shown when the visitor is not yet on the play button of the video has been clicked.

The free version of the program is only suitable for private use and there is a watermark on the video shown. When you use the Easy HTML5 Video commercial want to use videos or want to create without any watermark then you need to for $ 49 the paid version to purchase. This paid version also makes it possible to have your own logo on a video to add.

Easy HTML5 Video has the following features:

  • convert video files to HTML5 video format,
  • generates video formats for both desktop and mobile platforms
  • only free for non-commercial use,
  • free version makes use of a watermark on the created video,
  • available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Easy HTML5 Video screenshots

screenshot-Easy HTML5 Video-1
screenshot-Easy HTML5 Video-2

You can free download Easy HTML5 Video and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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