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In the Netherlands, football is the national sport number 1 worldwide and the sport is also frequently played. Know that wereldvoetbalbond FIFA for sure. Therefore, there are already several games of the FIFA or the federation are related. With this app from the FIFA itself and keeps you fully informed of everything happening on the field of football happens. You will get voetbalnieuws from all over the world, simply follow your favorite teams, clubs and leagues and you will see the history of the world cup all the way back. A very complete app that you like soccer do not miss out on.

The FIFA App is completely free to use and available for iOS and Android.

If you start the app, you are immediately on the main page, with the last voetbalnieuws, that comes from the site of the FIFA. That's going to be the last transfers to interviews with players, announcements of the FIFA, photos and videos, and schedules. You click on the picture of the news, then you are on the page to the news to read. There leave a comment if you want, or you share the news directly via e-mail, social media or your messenger. If you click the little cross in the upper left corner button to remove the news, and you are again in the overview.

In the menu, top left of your screen, you will also find the other features of the app., such as the latest football results, all the news about the FIFA World Cup, the full FIFA rankings, and more.

In the section of Live Scores, you can see the final results of the FIFA World Cup participants, 197 national competitions and all international competitions. Also here lets you easily set your mind on a competition, you are communicating with thousands of fans all over the world. Continue to follow your favorite teams here and you can easy notifications, so that notifications that you get when a match starts, or when new results are in. The app has a very good search function, which allows you to quickly looking at the team, club, league or country. Under the tab, FIFA World Cup, you will find all the information about the upcoming world cup in 2018 in Russia. So you can read all about the confederations of every continent, all over the pools, and the most recent voetbalnieuws. Under the heading FIFA Ranking is the official ranking of the FIFA, which you will share via e-mail, social media or messenger.

In addition to all of this is any competition, discussed in detail within the app, and you will experience the highlights of the championship in Brazil in 2014 yet again. Also included in the app, the most beautiful moments in the history of the world cup, and browse through exclusive videos, photos, and contests of all previous world cup editions.

If last let FIFA you see how it is working hard on the development of football, what all is involved and how the association is working on the future of the sport, including stories about new projects all over the world.

FIFA App has the following features:

  • follow all the voetbalnieuws from all over the world,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • special focus on the world cup in 2018 in Russia,
  • read the history of the FIFA and their future projects,
  • follow your favorite teams and clubs,
  • share the information through your social media, messenger, or e-mail,
  • let leave comments and interact with other fans,
  • view exclusive videos, photos, and schedules.

FIFA App screenshots

screenshot-FIFA App-1
screenshot-FIFA App-2

You can free download FIFA App and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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