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There are many ways to make music and there are many programs where that good. But for a bit of music, you'll often pay a lot of money. That it is also free of charge can prove the creators of Giada. With this program you can get all sorts of samples and sounds from your hard drive to load, and then get to go. Giada is a sampleplayer, where you sounds ready to load and that with the keys of your keyboard can play. Giada is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Giada is a very small file that is quickly downloaded. The software is pretty easy to use and therefore very suitable for novice DJS and producers. You need to advance it to a folder on your computer to create, which you all sound sets you want to use. That can beats, vocals, synths, and more.

When you open the program, make sure that the folder is visible. Then you can start a new project, which by default already has a number of channels. You can use your samples in that channel to load, simply by they are able to drag and drop, and any sample can you a key from your keyboard to assign. When you click that button, will the clip be played. You create so a controller from your keyboard. If you go a step further want to go, then you can also choose to work with a separate midi keyboard, which works the same way.

As you click the keys button, you will hear the samples. That way you can learn to make music. Giada offers more than just this. You can very easily samples loop, that is to say that they are longer, so you will find it easier to work with. You can also use the clips to edit. The program also has a built-in recording function, allowing you to be your track record. You can also work with midi, a kind of digital music, where a melody can create and play. You do have a virtual instrument is needed, that you can integrate it as a VST-plugin. You can also very easily external effects to add, so your music even more vivid.

Because Giada is a compact program is that very little of your computer is asking, it works very quickly. To make it even easier, Giada sure that the number of beats per minute automatically equal. That is easy, because a lot of loose pieces of music often not the same number of beats per minute. You can use this software not only can use to make music, but also for gigging, if you have several home-made songs in a mix on a public want to be heard. The program is open source, so if you're not completely satisfied, then you can easily decide what adjustments to make.

Giada has the following characteristics:

  • free available for Windows, Mac and Linux,
  • supports many separate VST plug-ins,
  • also works easily with midi,
  • take your live-played piece of music on,
  • edit simple the sound clips with built-in editor,
  • automatically sets the number of beats per minute is equal.

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You can free download Giada and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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