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Gamers communicate with each other during the play of a game. That can within the game itself, but with Discord can also be in a different way. This app is specially designed for Gamers. Discord is a powerful chat application, which allows you to chat, and audio calls you can. In that sense, similar to a service such as Skype, TeamSpeak, or Slack. A perfect service to chat with other teammates, when you're gaming and you can see immediately who is online. In addition, you will see a useful overview of the conversations that you have missed and all of these can be read back.

Discord is a free app, available for iOS and Android and as a desktop version for Windows and Mac OS X.

When the application has downloaded, you must create an account and login. It's all going very quickly. The desktop version is slightly more elaborate than the apps at this time. The big advantage to Discord is that it is easier to have a chat with a group, your own clan of a game, for example. It is possible to have on a server a private chat channel and that may be with several at the same time. You can use a channel to create where everyone has access to and also channels where you really have people to invite, so to chat with team members about the game and a possible strategy.

You can invite people through a link with an invitation to share with them. This way of communicating works both for the chat as for the audio calls, because Discord has VoIP integrated, allowing you to be real with others can talk. This last is done a lot by gamers, and is therefore a unique feature on this app. In addition, these sessions are also free, while, with a lot of similar services should be paid for.

Another handy feature is that you are within a chat, files and documents with each other can share. You can further set up that you receive notifications for new messages and for example, just as with Twitter, you can mentions and direct messages. You can add other users so a private message will send, out a channel to. The best option is still the in-game overlay. Allows you to the things in the game happen to translate and transfer it to Discord. Chat messages from the game and you'll immediately see in Discord, and you can talk to each other, while in the background the game looks, and while you're gaming. It seems as if Discord really part of your game has become.

Discord has to your privacy thought. All communication within the app expires, encrypted, which means your ip address remains a secret for others. The application is quite light and therefore has a minimal impact on the CPU of your computer. That is fine, because then you can keep on playing. In addition to the app and the desktop version works Discord in your browser. Within the app, you can create volumes to adjust, and from server, or change the channel without leaving the game.

Discord has the following characteristics:

  • enter the chats and audio calls,
  • available for free for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X,
  • light program that is installed quickly,
  • create an account and log in is necessary,
  • create a server or channel and invite people,
  • has VoIP technology integrated,
  • convenient in-game overlay,
  • all communication is encrypted.

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You can free download Discord and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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