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You can with the hands in her hair sit down, if you accidentally delete files from the hard drive of your computer knew. Some physical files are in the recycle bin, but if you that also empties, you lose everything. Other files disappear right at all. There is now a possibility that deleted files to restore. This can be done with the free software Puran File Recovery. Condition is that you have no new data over the deleted files you have installed, because often is the data somewhere on your hard drive is still available, but this just has to be found.

Puran File Recovery is a program that is available for users of Windows. It's a small file, so it takes up less space on your pc. The software looks well-structured, which makes it easy to work with. The software can recover deleted or lost files or partitions to be restored, so do not panic when you removed.

You install the program easily on your computer, and then you leave it to search for the deleted files. This can be done with two types of scans. You can make use of the quick scan, the quick scan and the deep scan, which is a lot deeper search. Also that last, a bit more extensive scan, is done quickly. When you use the quick scan scans, you can already after a few seconds a result. The deep scan will scan all of the bytes on your computer and take a little bit more time.

After the scan, all the results in a list, and it also contains in which the deleted file resides. You can your deleted files then with a simple click of the mouse to pick up again and recover. If the file is not equal to see, then you can in the results list with the search function very easy to find.

Puran File Recovery searches not only your hard drive, but can do the same with a usb stick or memory card and even the hard disk of your mobile phone. That can even if re-formatted. Puran File Recovery will scan quickly and accurately. There is a lot of information about the most commonly used files in the software processes, making Puran File Recovery is easier the deleted files back. The software is also suitable for FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS, which almost all common storage media supports be.

You can select which type of files you have in the results list, want to see, so you can easily find your lost file back you will find. The program is also available in multiple languages. Puran File Recovery recovers files, of which you thought they will never get back and is also highly recommended.

Puran File Recovery has the following characteristics:

  • deleted files free restore,
  • available for Windows,
  • scans with two types of scans, the quick and the deep scan,
  • suitable for all storage media,
  • can also be used without installation,
  • found deleted files in an easy overview.

Puran File Recovery screenshots

screenshot-Puran File Recovery-1
screenshot-Puran File Recovery-2

You can free download Puran File Recovery and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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