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KNMI also has its own weather app. Only since October 2017, but better late than never. The KNMI app is well-arranged, accurate and has no advertisements. The KNMI app shows temperature, wind speed and direction, a weather map, the weather forecast for the coming week and temperature plumes for the next two weeks.

You can set multiple places in the KNMI app that you want to know about again. Your current location is also automatically included. You can also indicate under Settings that you want to be notified of weather alarms (code yellow, orange or red).

The rain radar map shows the expected rain and if you click on the enlarge icon at the bottom left of the map (two arrows) you will also get an accurate rain forecast every five minutes. There are also weather forecasts for the coming week and 'temperature and rain plumes' (with the expected minimum and maximum temperature and rain) for the next fourteen days.

The navigation within the app could be a little better (for example if you are at the Settings or Alerts you have to click on the three-bar menu | Expectations again to return to the main window - that's a bit awkward and confusing), but because the app is only a few months old, that may change with an update.

The KNMI app is simple but effective and only offers the required information without any fuss. The app also has no advertising! And the predictions - which are for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg - are better than some other weather apps because they are of course from the KNMI itself. A must for us.


You can free download KNMI and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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