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Do you often use your webcam to conduct interviews via chat clients such as Skype and AIM? In that case, offers the free program ManyCam for you nice additional features.

You want the images from your webcam at the same time for different webcam programs to use? By default, this is often not possible. For example, when you at the same time your webcam to use for video chat within Skype and ICQ it can't. The free software ManyCam ensures that this is possible.

This program will send the video from your webcam to different video chat programs that you are currently using. ManyCam works with most of chat clients such as Skype, CamFrog and AIM. You can also visual effects to your movie add such as adding (moving) backgrounds, and the change of face, eyes or hair in tekenfilmstijl. For the animated backgrounds you can choose from effects where it seems like you are under water or in fire and flame. You can choose from standard templates or your own customized audio-visual effects.

By ManyCam as video source in other applications such as Skype, you can live on the recorded images drawings. Also, you can use audio effects to add. Your voice may be distorted to a high or a low tone, and it is possible to determine the quality of your microphone to improve.

You can ManyCam also use it to store screencasts. This is a video of everything on your desktop will be displayed. In addition, you can also a window of the video images with your webcam on the video of the show desktop. So you can use your face to display over the images as though it were a news broadcast. This freeware is available for both Mac and Windows.

ManyCam has the following characteristics:

  • audio and video effects to add to your webcam images,
  • your webcam images at the same time to different chat clients to send,
  • screencasts of your desktop,
  • video-in-video images (for example, your face above screencast),
  • switch between different video sources,
  • live drawings on your webcam images,
  • custom webcam effects.

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You can free download ManyCam 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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