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Gyms do good business and many people diving as the gym in to their condition to do. Especially when the summer is at the door wants, everyone likes to look good on the beach. But maybe you don't have time for, but you do want your figure to do. That is possible with an app such as Runtastic Six Pack. That is your personal digital trainer, that you, on the basis of the training plan helps with the work on your fitness and your figure, and especially on the train for a six pack. Runtastic is already known of the famous app for runners and now there is this app for the workout of your abdominal muscles. Like Runtastic , Runtastic Six Pack schedules and goals for the best result.

Runtastic Six Pack is a free app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

A personal trainer is often very costly and therefore, you get with Runtastic Six Pack free your own virtual personal trainer in your home. The app is specifically designed to train for a nice wasbordje. You need to first just log in. That you can do with your Facebook account or by creating an account with your e-mail address. Then, enter a few personal details, such as your height and weight. To get started you must first choose a trainer which you can choose from a male or a female trainer. Then select your first level, where you again have the choice of three different, scientifically supported levels of difficulty. Then you click on 'Start training' and will you begin a workout.

A workout has different steps and on the basis of useful videos let the app show you how you should proceed. The app offers more than 50 different videos. You need different exercises to do, and the voice of a coach to guide you step-by-step through the process. Meanwhile, if you want to stop, then it is possible for your progress to save and continue later.

With the app, it is possible to choose which part of your stomach you want to exercise and it is possible to establish a plan, in which up to ten weeks to plan ahead. The exercises are to filter on level. Runtastic Six Pack provides many ready-made workouts, which are on average a minute or seven to take, but sometimes a bit longer and the music tempo and the pace of the workouts are perfectly coordinated with each other.

Your progress you can share on your social media. Furthermore, the app features a built-in heart rate monitor. Runtastic Six Pack is a handy app that you really work.

The app is suitable for both beginners and advanced. The basic functions are absolutely free, but if you want more options, such as additional music, you should buy. In addition, you will receive every day is still a useful tip.

Runtastic Six Pack has the following characteristics:

  • train your abdominal muscles using workouts,
  • available for free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone,
  • choose a male or a female trainer,
  • choose from over 50 videos and is accompanied by a voice,
  • choose from several levels of difficulty,
  • make a plan up to a maximum of ten weeks ahead,
  • share your progress on social media.

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You can free download Runtastic Six Pack and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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