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When you lot are online or apps you use you'll find yourself quite a lot of passwords to remember, but if you have multiple people working on the same accounts or the same websites, we have also passwords to be remembered. That can be very simple with Passbolt. This open source application is specially designed to work with a team to make use of them. With Passbolt saves you the passwords for the wi-fi in your office or the passwords of the social media that your organization uses very easy.

Passbolt is a free application and as a plugin to Chrome and Firefox to add.

It's probably happened to you at the office somewhere to work, but no further, because your colleague of an application or website, the password has. With Passbolt you can in a safe way all the passwords within your company used to be sharing. To the application, you must download the plugin and add-in your browser.

You create an account, and then you have people from your team can add, so that the passwords can use. That add is done on the basis of an e-mail address. Passwords are simple to share with others. You select the desired contacts from your company and indicates what to do with the passwords can do. You can take a person several possibilities to assign. If you have the plugin open, you are in a useful overview, where you can see all passwords to see each other, and then you can for the desired accounts login go to add.

The authentication is done via the so-called OpenPGP encryption, so your passwords well protected. You can change the passwords of various accounts are easy to edit, and you can see immediately whether your password is strong or less strong. In the home screen you'll immediately see what passwords there at that time used to be. You can see the user name, when the last time something changed and by who and there is a password, a short description, which you can add when creating the accounts. You can passwords and accounts remain always edit. Here you can tag and add comments. Passwords are as a favorite and you can immediately see when a password expires and should be changed.

Passbolt is to further integrate with e-mail or messaging services. The application is also to run your own server. With JSON API you can create your own integration build and the application is completely on the needs of your team tune. The code can be found on the website of Passbolt.

If you are with your office or organization of Passbolt use, all you need the passwords are no longer around to send in an email, but can anyone with this plugin it's very easy to get at.

Passbolt has the following characteristics:

  • share all the passwords within your company,
  • free to use as a plugin for Chrome and Firefox,
  • specially made available for teams to use,
  • gives all the details per password and account,
  • edit the passwords easily,
  • to integrate with e-mail or voice message,
  • to install on your own server.

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You can free download Passbolt and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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