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There are more and more packages were sent, and there to benefit the postbezorgbedrijven of. Especially PostNL is doing good business. A good reason to have their own app to launch, that allows you to very easy to your shipment tracking. So if you have a package or a letter you want to send via PostNL and the process from beginning to end, want to track then this app is very handy. You can follow your package with track & trace, you create within the app the shipping labels and it is even possible to postzegelcodes. In addition, the app an overview of all your shipments.

PostNL is completely free to use and available for iOS and Android.

The app is largely to use without logging in, but in order to continue to follow, to make appointments, and to the history of your shipments to save is to log necessary. If you already have a package sent, then it follows you directly from the home page, the tab ‘Received’, of the app. You enter your zip code or you scan the track & trace code with the camera on your phone.

With the app, your shipment all the way to follow. You first gets the date and global time to see where your shipment will arrive. You see, when your package in the warehouse, exit through the push notifications, you'll know exactly where it is. PostNL shows where the postman is and how long it takes for the package at your home. It is from the app also possible to have your delivery to change if you the delivery driver has missed, where you have a time to enter.

Under the tab, ‘Send’ sends you a letter or a package. You make a choice between one of them, then you directly from the app is a stamp or brievenbuspakje buy. When you for a letter choose, you are buying directly a postzegelcode. You have the weight of the letter, and then the total price of the stamp will see, that you immediately pay with paypal. For a package is the same, except that you have the data of the receiver to enter and has a choice between ‘Standard’ and ‘Registered’. So be prepared, you then simply the shipping labels for. In all cases you will receive after paying a code and that you need only in the place of the postage stamp to write. Then you take your letter or package on the bus.

Last, the app is still useful information, such as the locations of PostNL, search by postal code or address and get an overview of the postzegeltarieven. If you have the app and someone sends something to you, you know that, then you are still within the app a notification when there is something to your address is sent. You can see who is coming and when to expect it. A handy app that will send post a lot more accessible.

PostNL app has the following features:

  • free app for use on the services of PostNL,
  • available for iOS and Android,
  • works mostly without logging in, but with an acccount information will be stored,
  • send direct letters or packets,
  • count directly via paypal and write down the obtained code on the post,
  • follow your post with track & trace code,
  • receive a notification when the post is on the way.

PostNL app screenshots


You can free download PostNL-app and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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