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The Garage Project from Microsoft is an experimental playground, where on the conveyor belt innovative, wacky or useful ideas conceived and executed. One of those experiments is the application What Dog. When you have a dog, but still don't know exactly what breed, or what characteristics the animal has, then please refer to this app and you will get the answer instantly. It works the other way also. If you happen to want to know what dog you just might be, then you are searching for that simple, What Dog. The service has a large database of dogs and continues to work on the basis of artificial intelligence.

What Dog is free to use and available for iOS. In addition, the application online in your browser.

It is said that dogs on their owners seem to be, or vice versa. If you look behind want whether this applies to you, then you must What Dog try and use. The service works with neural networks and analyzes the photos you upload to there, as to what kind of dog it is. Microsoft has already many images of any breed of dog listed in the database and the neural network so trained that all the unique characteristics of each breed it recognizes. Because it comes to a smart app learns What Dog new things, which makes the similarities even easier and more accurate to be laid.

Very complicated the app works not and the method of administration is both for the app and online more or less the same. There is already a number of dogs, What Dog and there is also a search engine, which allows you to search on the breed of your dog, or other keywords.

If you want to know what breed your dog is then you can upload a photo of your dog to What Dog and within seconds you'll have results already. The result is astoundingly accurate and you can see your own uploaded picture, a general picture of the type of dog. In addition, the breed of your dog displayed, and the properties of this breed. This will give you more insight into the character of your dog and What Dog gives to the family a dog may be suitable.

Works the same with your own photo. You upload a photo of yourself or of someone else, a familielied or a colleague, for example, and within a few seconds, rolls up a profile of what dog you are. In addition, it tells the app what human attributes with the breed of dog be associated. You will see your own photo next to the photo of a dog of that breed and that is a fun way to familiarize yourself with such a dog to compare.

What Dog is an app that is a must for every dog lover, that you many hours of fun will provide.

What Dog has the following features:

  • upload a photo of your dog and find out immediately what breed your dog is,
  • available for free for iOS,
  • works online in your browser,
  • works on the basis of artificial intelligence,
  • read the properties of a race,
  • upload your own photo and find out what kind of dog you seems.

What Dog screenshots

screenshot-What Dog-1
screenshot-What Dog-2

You can free download What Dog and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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