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The collection of waste has always been an important point for municipalities. Every municipality wants as well as possible to organize and there are a number of rules drawn up. Your community wants you, as a resident like good advise. In the past you got a paper calendar before, but now that's all digital. Many municipalities make they use of AfvalWijzer. Then look at you when you but want to have your own afvalkalender and so you know immediately when you have any waste on the road. You will then receive a reminder when it is so far. In addition, the app a number of handy tips to make your waste as well as possible to separate.

AfvalWijzer is free to use and has apps for iOS and Android. In addition, the service online in your browser.

A app as AfvalWijzer ensures that the disposal of waste more obvious and easy for you. In addition, more and more municipalities for a sustainable way of collecting waste, for example, by the waste as well as possible to be separated. So is plastic, for example, often separately collected. With this app, you immediately know what the requirements and rules in your municipality. AfvalWijzer therefore works on the basis of your location and when you use the app for the first time, you fill in your postal code and house number, which makes it immediately clear where you live. AfvalWijzer gives you your personal overview, which is based on your location. You immediately see the afhaalmomenten of the different types of waste, and at the top of the screen will direct the next ophaalmomenten indicated.

All afhaalmomenten are per month. You can see all of the months shown and when you click a month, click appears below the full schedule of that month. You will find the various dates when your waste is picked up, and by date, the app shows what kind of waste there is collected, such as waste, vegetable, fruit and garden waste, plastic and plastic, and more. If you click one of the options click gives you a clear overview of what that waste is and how you best collect. There are several categories of waste to be found.

The full schedule is still to download as a PDF, in case you still would like a paper schedule. The tips are useful for yourself and for others and each tip is easy to share.

If unforeseen circumstances, such as snow or sleet, and the pick up of your waste has been delayed or does not go through, then you will receive a push notification from your municipality, which includes more information about the new moment when your waste is picked up. You will have your e-mail address. You can also read the most recent news about waste from several municipalities.

AfvalWijzer has the following characteristics:

  • gives a personal schedule for the pickup of your waste,
  • free to use for iOS and Android,
  • working online in your browser,
  • works on the basis of your location,
  • download the schedule as PDF file,
  • gives useful tips on collecting and sorting your waste,
  • receive a push notification in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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You can free download AfvalWijzer and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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