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Qmusic is one of the larger radio stations in the Netherlands, and like other stations along with the digital revolution. There's a nice app. With this Qmusic app, you are fully aware of the ins and outs of the radio station and also listen to you always and everywhere right to Qmusic. You can see immediately which songs are there in that moment to be rotated, you can view the traffic information, you can send free messages to the djs of the station, and looks you in the studio. If last does you immediately with the now famous game 'The Sound'. The app is developed completely in the house style of the station and is largely without an account to use. If you have created an account and therefore log in there are more possibilities.

Watch and listen live to Qmusic, Qmusic is free to use and available for iOS and Android.

The app Qmusic is clear, complete and nice decorated. As soon as you open the app you'll immediately see which program is currently broadcast. You will see that at the top of the app, with the name of the program and the times. Just next to the name, you will find a small speaker and if you click there then you can listen live at Qmusic. In addition to that speaker you will see a small television , and if you click on that icon then you live with what happens in the studio happens. You will also see very large number, and the artist who at that moment turned, and if you scroll down all songs beyond that are rotated. It is possible to far to look back. If you are on a song you get in a new tab, all information about that song and the artist.

It is possible to make a song a rating, but for this you have to be logged in. A song is yet to add to Spotify, but this is the same. Still, if a new song is being played on the radio station appears automatically at the top of the list.

At the top left you will find the menu of the app and if you click on this then shows all the other capabilities of the app. Here you will find the function to post a message to a dj, but once again, this is an option for which you need to be logged in. In addition, you will find a section with speed cameras, where you have the most up to date speed cameras on the roads and see below the tab for the traffic with the very latest traffic information.

If the latter you will find in the menu the Q25, a list of the 25 most popular tracks of the moment, each week's broadcast. The list starts at number 1 and you swipe still down for the next song. When last has the app on a scanner to posters of Qmusic to be scanned. If you do that makes you a chance to win great prizes. A very complete app for fans of this station.

Qmusic app has the following features:

  • watch and listen live to Qmusic,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • see immediately which number is being rotated, and the songs all twisted,
  • send a message to a dj,
  • do directly with 'The Sound',
  • view the current traffic information and speed cameras,
  • view Q25.

Qmusic app screenshots

screenshot-Qmusic App-1
screenshot-Qmusic App-2

You can free download Qmusic App and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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